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Boiler repair in London. Plumbing and Heating at Competitive Rates.

We are reliable engineers providing Plumbing and Heating at competitive rates in London and surrounding areas.

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Appliance installation from £40 per half hour

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With our Boiler Repair in London service,

Your kitchen, utility rooms, bathrooms, and other spaces will be in capable hands. We are able to install gas cookers, dishwashers and washing machines. Leaky taps, traps, or pipes are not an issue, nor are pipework improvements, installations, or repairs. We pledge to provide you with the finest possible quality and level of service.

  • Boiler Installation
  • Gas works
  • Bathroom Fixing
  • Central Heating
  • Immersion Heaters
  • Kitchen Plumbing
  • Pumps & Water Softeners
  • Tap Repair & Install
Alla Pechenaya
Alla Pechenaya
amazing and professional job. Fast and great quality and clean. 10/10 definitely recommend
Sam Davis
Sam Davis
Great job . Professional. Highly recommend
Harry Brantly
Harry Brantly
Super reliable and great service. Morteza will always make an effort to get to you ASAP. Very happy 👍👍
Florence Karimu
Florence Karimu
Extremely professional , checks , replacements and fittings all done In a Timely manne. Looks great . Very Happy with service. I will recommend to family and friends.
Mojtaba Noroozi
Mojtaba Noroozi
I really recommend them to repairs so I am satisfied and happy .
Panda Household Services
Panda Household Services
Owner is qualified gas engineer, experienced and highly professional. I trust his workmanship, dedication, honesty and top customer service.
Moji 87
Moji 87
Have met many plumbers over the years but none as good as Safe plumbers. They kept me in touch with the work they carried out , reliable & arrived on time. Nothing seemed to pass them whilst dealing with the very old plumbing system I have! I highly recommend Safe Plumbers.
Raymond Sims
Raymond Sims
Great Job! Quickly found the cause of our pump problem. We are extremely happy with the service and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Safe Plumbers
Mehdi Zarepoor
Mehdi Zarepoor
Professional and on time.They converted my central heating system ,and I am truly happy with that.Definitely recommend Safe plumbers.🙏
Babak Byatt
Babak Byatt
Great services, quick, affordable

Why Does It Matter So Much?

Legal prerequisite:
By law, all gas-related enterprises must be included on the Gas Safe Register. This guarantees that everyone handling petrol follows safety regulations. Engineers operating without registration pose a risk to human life. Gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even fatalities may result from their acts.
Financial Repercussions:
Engineers who are not registered face high penalties and legal action.
Licenced to Work Safely:
Having a licence to lawfully and safely do gas work entails being on the registry.
Annual Renewal:
To ensure that their competences remain current, engineers are required to renew their registration every 12 months.
Inspections and Complaints:
Competency inspections and complaints against registered personnel are handled by the Gas Safe Register. Licences that are violated may be revoked and removed from the registry.
Reporting dangerous Practices:
The Health and Safety Executive receives reports of dangerous practices from the register, which may lead to legal action.
Public Education and Awareness:
Campaigns: To increase public knowledge of the risks associated with gas and carbon monoxide, The Gas Safe Register organises public campaigns. Immediate Danger: It’s shocking to see that 25% of the residences the registry investigated were deemed to be “Immediately Dangerous.” Appliances were disconnected until they were deemed safe by certified engineers.
Public Cost:
Millions in Rectification: The British people must pay millions of pounds annually to repair illegal gas work.
Invalidated Insurance and Warranties:
Appliances that have been improperly maintained or installed may have their insurance and warranties voided. In conclusion, the Gas Safe Register is a lifeline rather than merely a bureaucratic formality. It safeguards lives, property, and financial stability by guaranteeing compliance. Thus, if you run a business or are a household, you should always choose Gas Safe-registered engineers. With petrol, safety should never be sacrificed.